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Yesterday, steady growth and size would have been the way to go for business. Today however, disruptive new ideas which have access to innovative technologies and funds are challenging the conventional business strategies and the very existence of many large corporations.

Although businesses have access to great physical resources, they are struggling to face these challenges. Do businesses have the mindset right from the top to the bottom, to be agile and respond imaginatively to change?

With the infusion of a creative / design mindset and approach, challenges can be flipped into opportunities and systems / environments can be created to generate and nurture fresh ideas to create new value and meaning imaginatively.

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About the Speaker

Sonia Manchanda is co-founder and Design Chief at Idiom Design and Consulting and a design evangelist, leading projects with business leaders and corporations, making design thinking integral to their businesses, culture, brands and experiences. She has been deeply involved with creating the brand Manipal, its values and even its sub brands. At Idiom, some benchmark projects she has led include the design and look for the 19th Commonwealth Games, experience design for the Metro Stations in Rio, Brazil, branding for Kochi Metro and Kochi Airport, Design and more.National Institute of Design graduate, Sonia has also shared lessons from her practice, with Presidents and CEOS, business and academia through workshops and training programs designed to share new ways of working and progressing with skill, speed and imagination.Working at the crossroads of design practice, entrepreneurship and knowledge, her mission is to spread design as a way of thinking and doing things.

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Design in Emerging Markets and Idiom

 As you know, Design thinking today has become a Global Phenomenon. Organisations, individuals and others are applying Design Thinking in various aspects of life and work. All the emerging markets (countries like India, Brazil, Mexico and China) however, are applying Design thinking much faster than their counter-parts in the west. Design thinking today has become an integral part of many leading organisations across the globe. Recently, Fast Company featured and article on Design Thinking in Emerging Markets. The article was written by Bruce Nussbaum who is a leading figure in the global design industry.

We, at Idiom are proud to announce the fact that Idiom as well as SPREAD (our very own offshoot) has been featured as ambassadors for design and design thinking to India. We hope to spread the message of Design and Design Thinking in India and make it an integral management tool for every industry here. What do you feel about this growing phenomenon?

You can find the original article here 

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