Pana – Revolutionizing Education

Changing the Future of Education

Pana Education is here to change the way the education system is perceived. Pana hopes to revolutionize education, in a way that will eventually change the way India learns and grows.

At Pana, students will be at the center and education will revolve around them. Pana hopes to redefine the stereotypical norms and encourage a more liberal and experiential approach to learning and teaching, while evolving young minds into young adults.

Pana emphasizes on character formation through education and aspires to transcend the learning gained into wisdom, which will help make a successful visionary out of every student and empower them to Be The Change.

Life at Pana

Pana is a vibrant, world-class educational institution. The campus life at Pana is committed to providing more than an academic experience for students and staff.

Located in a serene area, Pana is an exciting place to be, as one can cheer on sport competitions as loud as they want. With beautiful aesthetics that are stimulating and unlike any you’ll find elsewhere, Pana strives to cultivate a fun and healthy university environment by encouraging a balance between academic and non-academic life.


Brand Thought

Idiom played a role in creating the new identity and brand experience for Pana Education.

Pana means transcendental wisdom in the language of Pali, and is an insight into the true nature of reality. Wisdom is that which directs knowledge toward good and the creation of value.

The thought behind the Pana logo is inspired by the three stages of human evolution and change – Childhood, Adolescence and Adulthood. The symbol embodies – transfer, transform which will eventually lead to transcendence.




Idiom created a unique launch campaign for Pana Education. The theme of the campaign was ‘Change.Edu’, which was inspired by technology that is constantly developing and making our lives easier. Pana Education is a new age approach to learning that imbibes the consistency of positive growth and change from technology.




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