Manipal Hospitals, Goa

Designing and developing experience for Manipal Hospital’s newest facility based in Goa

The brand imagery of the Manipal Hospital Goa is inspired from the connections of life and nature. The key design focus was translating the groups credo – LIFE’S ON – by using elements of nature like the fish, butterfly, turtle and dragonfly to represent optimism, happiness,longevity, sensitivity, inner strength, emotional maturity and change.Each department in the hospital focuses on preventive information that is presented simply, intelligently and graphically. Making healthcare, a truly positive affair.

“Goa hospital inauguration was a success. Feedback has been very positive. Ambiance is very happy and fresh due to the graphics.It was most appreciated and I’m looking forward to doing more constructive and aesthetic work with you going forward. All the best.”- Ms. Shruti Pai

“This is very good. I really like the panels for the In-patient and OPD doctor rooms. And the extension of the graphics with the flamingo, peacock and turtles will bring vibrancy to the interiors. Even the uniforms, very unlike typical hospital attire – very pleasing and, am sure, much more acceptable to patients. All these will certainly enhance patient experience. Thank you Idiom for the great work done.” – Mr. Rajen Padukone, MD & CEO, ManipalHospitals



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