India Dream:In @ Chai With Lakshmi

An excerpt from Sonia Manchanda’s conversation with Chai With Lakshmi


“With India fast approaching it’s youth bulge, a radical new perspective is required on development, and the youth need to look at opportunity creation and utilisation in a whole new way. Dreaming, is the beginning, says Sonia Manchanda. And her venture, Dream:In, encourages just this.

Dream:In captures dreams of people across the country, identifies dreams that can be realized and nurtures them into projects or ventures. Dreaming, says Sonia, allows one to think beyond creating solutions for today’s needs and to start focusing on aspirations that will influence the future. Just two years into its work, Dream:In has been recognized as one of the top 10 game changers of 2013 by Metropolis Magazine.

Sonia Manchanda is an internationally recognised brand designer, the Co-Founder and Creative Chief at Dream:In as well as the Co-Founder of Idiom Design and Consulting, India’s first multi-disciplinary design house.” 

Watch the video here


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