IFC workshop

Idiom conducted the Dthink workshop (on 20th and 21st of June) for a group of 14 organizations, including social enterprises, NGO’s and NPO’s, all winners of the Development Marketplace competition run by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) an arm of the World Bank.

The aim of the workshop was to understand and identify key problem areas in the sector, seek out the opportunity within the problem and then convert these opportunities to a working plan that is ready for implementation.

Over the course of one and a half days, participants used the tool kit provided to identify key insights, ideate and implement their ideas.



About the Dthink Tool Kit:

Design Thinking can be used as a tool to bring about radical change in any sphere that it is applied to, be it business development, social change or enterprise development. The D think toolkit has been developed to deliver a better understanding on the subject of Design Thinking and its methodology, so that it can be applied to identify problems, convert them to opportunities or identify gaps that lead to an opportunity, with a focus on innovation, scalability and sustainability. We hope that the users of this kit will be able to use the tools to successfully convert any big idea to reality. To know more about the Dthink tool get in touch at live@idiom.co.in



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