For all those who missed the d+ event, here’s an update

The d+ event was a great success. A fabulous evening filled with loads of conversations, wine and abundant Indian snacks to go with. An evening where people from all walks of life …corporate and social entrepreneurs, clients, venture funds, designers, writers, academicians, professionals and students converged at idiom and stayed for 6 hours or more! The event that was planned between 4 pm to 8 pm, had guests coming from 3 pm onwards and many of them stayed back beyond 11 pm.

The event began with presentations by our guests from Politecnico Di Milano which then opened out into interesting discussions and debates.

Manuela Celi, Researcher at Indaco Department, Advance Design Research Unit, Politecnico Di Milano, explained what advanced design thinking is and how if leads to innovation.

Chiara Colombi, Assistant Professor at Indaco department, Fashion Design Research Unit, Politecnico Di Milano, Spoke about fashion trending and how it connects to advanced design thinking.

Flaviano Celaschi, Full professor at Indaco Department, Advanced Design Research Unit, Politecnico Di Milano, though presented in Italian, everyone in the crowd, followed almost everything he said due to his sheer passion for his work and his absolutely animated jesters.

Laura Mata Garcia, Phd Candidate with Politecnico Di Milano, was very kind to translate Flaviano’s presentation to us in English. The analogy of the bat, the elephant and the butterfly to the way companies function was rather interesting and opened up quite a discussion.

We were also joined by Carlos Teixeria, PHD Director of Academic Affairs, School of Design Strategies, Parsons, who has been very closely working with us on the Dream:In project.


The event also had totally live displays by the Idiom team, each as unique as the talented people responsible for them!

Junior’s Journey merchandise display by Ankita, Mini Manipal theatre and the gorgeous painstakingly done paper cutout by Nidhi, Ajit efforts with Creya, Rahul, Mallik, Raji, Abhishu’s efforts after an exhausting D:I Tumkur, the green Sterling display by Ekta and Ramesh, Manikandans ‘live’ prototype, a professional habit display by Shriya and the product team, Foodhall display by Supriya and Nandini that totally brought alive the store and Freeda’s sleek BV 50 year display.

Special thanks to Mereen for managing and organizing the entire event. Raji for her support. Meera, Bachu, prototype team and Velu’s team for their support… nothing ever gets done without you guys. The interns for running around and helping with last minute setting up.

We loved the connections that were made that evening and the conversations that struck which we hope will continue.


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