Arth House was launched by Sahil Sen who has now teamed up with Dharmang Prajapati to drive the venture in exciting directions. Both are alumni of the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, Bangalore, and have worked in industry before embarking on this venture.

Arth House intends to bring together the work of young artists and designers and create an interface for them with the creative industries. “In Progress” is part of a series of exhibitions that Arth House has undertaken to project the young artists and designers and it is hosted in the Dream:In Centre.

The two-day exhibition showcased the work of four young artist-designers; two from Srishti and two from the National Institute of Design. The young exhibitors were Ashis Pandey, Anuranjini Singh, Khushboo Sinha and Saloni Sinha.

The series of exhibitions culiminate in a show that brings together 12 artist-designers and a set of senior designers at Counterculture, a restaurant, in Bangalore on April 15. The senior designers, from industry, include the likes of Sonia Manchanda, Michael Foley, Neil Foley, Poonam Bir Kasturi and Anita Sen, among others.


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